25% OFF ALL BBL Laser Treatments

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 25% OFF BBL – (For single or package treatments)

Including Laser Hair Removal, Photo rejuvenation, Acne & Anti-Aging (Skin Tyte) and More!

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Broad Based Light (BBL) therapy approach to eliminating unwanted hair provides the ultimate treatment solution, “PhotoEpilation.”  PhotoEpilation leaves your skin looking and feeling smoother and softer. Who are candidates for treatment?

Men, women, and children may be treated with BBL. Treatments can be customized according to your hair color, texture, and body location. Hair, of black, brown, and red color– can be treated.

Broad Based Light (BBL™) has now proven to be helpful in the treatment of acne. In many cases, this offers an alternative to oral medications such as Accutane or long-term antibiotics. The shorter wavelengths of BBL™, in the blue-light spectrum, attack p-acne bacteria on the surface and in the sebaceous gland.

BroadBand Light (BBL) phototherapy is the most versatile non-invasive treatment used to improve the appearance of your skin. BBL can treat a number of skin conditions including sun damage, freckles, age spots, acne and rosacea. Treatments are individually tailored to match your skin type and desired results without downtime. A free consultation is required prior to treatment. Sun exposure prior to BroadBand Light therapy must be avoided for optimal results.

Skin Tightening lets you say goodbye to sagging skin. When anti-aging creams are not enough and surgery is too much, skin tightening may be just what you need to turn back the clock on lax and sagging skin. New advances in light energy have led to the development of a non-invasive treatment for skin laxity known as SkinTyte. A SkinTyte treatment is a comfortable, effective and affordable way to firm, tighten, and lift your skin to give you a more youthful appearance.

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