Slimming/Detox Body Wrap & Scrub – Only $80


  • Slimming/Detox Body Wrap & Scrub – Only $80 using Indian Healing Clay with Seaweed, Garcinia Cambogia, Dead Sea Salts and more. With a FREE Infrared Sauna

Book your realxing body Wrap with Seaweed, Healing Clay, Garcinio Cambogia, and Dead Sea Salt and more!

  • LOSE TUMMY FAT: Powerful Seaweed and Garcinio Cambogia extract is absorbed through skin and improves the burning of fat to break down stubborn fat deposits
  • DETOXIFY: Feel your tummy pulsate when Healing Clay discharges excess water and toxins from your body.
  • ORGANIC: Stop Exposing your Body to Even More Chemicals and Pollutants. Our breakthrough formula contains 100% natural ingredients

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