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Meet The
SkinBliss Team

Caring and Professional with over 25 years of experience.

SkinBliss Team

SkinBliss Medi Spa is situated in beautiful Nelson, BC. Our staff is fully certified and licensed.

We offer solutions to many skin concerns, uniquely combining spa luxury with cellular effectiveness. SkinBliss offers all the same types of treatments and skincare you would receive at a Medical Aesthetic clinic, or in the city, but at very affordable prices.

Our highly trained staff are ready to assist you with the most advanced techniques in aesthetic services including light and laser, anti-aging and spa treatments to keep you looking your best.

About The SkinBliss Team
Owner, Licensed and Certified Master Esthetician and Laser Clinician


Rebecca Wilcox is the proud owner and operator of SkinBliss Medi Spa. She has worked in the Aesthetics industry for over 27 years with the last 12 years in medical esthetics in Vancouver training under two of the top Dermatologists in B.C. in the cosmetic laser field.

She graduated from the Okanagan School of Esthetics and was fortunate to work in the some of the best high-end Spas in B.C. Rebecca is passionate about making sure clients are happy and getting the results they want from SkinBliss Medi Spa.

To that end, she is constantly traveling and researching new technology, attending professional development meetings and seminars, and bringing the latest products and treatments into the clinic. Rebecca believes in giving back to the community, which has been so supportive of SkinBliss.

She enjoys supporting local events and charities in any way possible. She returned to Nelson in 2010, where she was born and raised to be close to family and offer a healthier lifestyle for herself and her daughter. Rebecca feels fortunate to have an excellent staff, with impressive backgrounds.

Licenced Esthetician and Certified Body Worker


Jennifer Garant is a Certified Esthetician who was trained in Victoria, BC. She credits her upbringing in Los Angeles California to a strong work ethic and discipline for success.

She has been involved in the beauty industry for over 7 years and has a hands-on approach that blends casual elegance and style with refreshing warmth and sincerity.

Clients leave feeling a kindred connection. Jennifer is an experienced professional and mother of three daughters, she loves what she does leaving everyone with a Bliss Full experience.

Place Holder
Place Holder
Approved Reflexology Practitioner


Health, nature, and natural resources have held my interest since I was a child. When I lived in the Dutch Caribbean in the 1980s, I came into touch with reflexology for the first time. Close friends wanted to have a child, and for eight years relied on traditional medicine which yielded no result. Their friend suggested the couple try reflexology. After a series of reflexology treatments each, the couple conceived. That impressed me so much, that I wanted to get to know more about this natural healing method. I began researching Reflexology and using the acquired knowledge by applying the therapy on myself.

Initially, I worked in the environmental sector for several years. When my employer restructured the organization, I took the opportunity to develop my interest in reflexology. Two years after enrolling in the International Study of Naturopathic Reflexology at De Wouden Study Programme, I received my diploma. This was followed by a study of Mainstream Basic Medical Knowledge at the Arnhem University of Applied Sciences for Naturopathy in the Netherlands. I have practiced reflexology at home and in public practices in the Netherlands and Canada for over 15 years.

Reflexology is a safe therapeutic method of relieving pain and other health issues anywhere in the body by stimulating pressure points on the feet. Pressure points are reputed to connect directly through the nervous system and affect the bodily organs and glands. Treatments promote healing by stimulating the nerves in the body and encouraging the flow of blood. This natural healing method often speeds up recovery processes. Reflexology treatments are for people of all ages, from the newborn to the elderly.

Cosmetic Tattoo Artist


As a perfectionist by nature, she has a keen eye for fine detail and symmetry. She has a particular flair for tasteful, subtle hints of definition, shading, and color theory, that you can see come alive in her work. She loves enhancing one’s own natural beauty and is obsessed with creating the most realistic looking brows possible.

Caralin has an insatiable thirst for knowledge and has invested a considerable amount of time and dedication into learning the most advanced techniques from some of the world’s top trainers and artists to set herself and her work apart and bring the Kootenays the absolute best of her abilities.

From her extensive training, you can be confident you are in a safe, clean, sterile environment working with a highly certified and insured cosmetic tattoo artist.

Place Holder
Place Holder
Certified Esthetician and Front Deck Receptionist


Diane is a joy to have in the Spa, she is always helpful upbeat and full of knowledge.

Diane has many years of experience working with the public and loves helping people. She is a wonderful and talented Esthetician with a caring heart.

Certified Body Worker/Reiki Healing


Marc is a wonderful addition to the SkinBliss team and his massage services are relaxing, functional and effective.

Place Holder
Dr. Holly Stamer
DMD, Botox Provider


Dr Holly Stamer was born and raised in Vancouver, BC and received her dental degree in 2007 from the University of British Columbia. Owner/Operator of Kalso Dental clinic since 2012.

Using her Dental background providing Botox since 2008, joining SkinBliss to help provide clients with the best possible results with there anti-aging needs. Working out of her office at Red Clover Dental, Mon-Thur please call us for more information.